Monday, September 16, 2013

Sardines a la Forbes*

I posted this picture in Facebook. I was a bit surprised that a few people commented, most of them saying na nakakatakam yung sardines. Must be the color of sauce, which contrasted well with the green sili leaves.

We had a late lunch last Saturday, and come 9 pm, just when I was contemplating on not cooking dinner anymore, TheHusband and Sharkteeth asked for one. Eto na yung pinakamabilis lutuin, and being the improvisation queen, I used whatever ingredient that I can find sa ref.

1. Chop an onion and two tomatoes. I made the bits a a little chunky. Lightly heat some olive oil. Sauté, putting the onions first and adding the tomatoes when the onion turned translucent.
2. I drained the oil from the can and added the sardines to the onion and tomatoes.
3. I added a squeeze of lemon juice, sili leaves, and freshly ground black pepper. 
4. I realized that the sliced black olives left from another recipe is nearing expiration date and I added them as well. And I'm glad I did. Napasarap pa nya lalo.

It was very simple and easy to do -- didn't take more than 10 minutes. And the olive oil and black olives gave another dimension (whoa! pretentiousness alert!) to the dish and lent a sweetish-salty flavor.

 *The name was suggested by a former officemate. I wouldn't know for sure if the altas even eat sardines.


  1. OMG, ang shushal! I need mom to see this para magulat naman si papa one of these days na ang old sarsyado nya ay naglevel up na!

  2. LOL! Sawa na nga rin asawa ko sa sarciado saka sardine with scrambled egg.


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