Friday, March 30, 2012

Mating Season Once Again, B*tches!

And by bitches, I mean female dogs. It must be mating season once again, as my faithful steed is always on the prowl and hasn't even come home for the third day now. I wonder how he's eating. He's quite the Don Juan, see. Bitches in heat usually stay in front of out gate waiting for him to go out, and they wouldn't leave. One of his, well, "ex-girlfriends," a smelly and mangy dog, never left, that is, until it died. I'd like to think that TheDog "loved" that mangy dog, sores and all. She's the only dog who can eat his food without him growling. If other dogs try that stunt, they might as well say goodbye to pieces of fur. Or ear. That mangy bitch would sleep outside at night, as close as possible to TheDog, just separated by the fence. As much as I wanted to take her to the vet, she wouldn't come near humans. Poor girl. Oh, by the way, he's the baby daddy of a new litter of (hopefully) cute pups. Sharkteeth and I have been wanting to see them, but the mom hid them somewhere deep in the micromini forest near our home. I try to bring the mom some food every so often 'cause she has no human that feeds her and has grown so thin. I should make her some malunggay soup, whatchathink? Hopefully, Don Juan will come home soon. I miss the white rascal.


  1. That's the doggy you brought with you to Visayas, right?

  2. Yes, Sheng. Yung muntik ko nang makapalitan ng mukha.

  3. ha! finally got in...

    yeah, you go kelly... go forth and multiply! not that you need any encouragement, you irresistible (or should i say insatiable?) mutt :)

  4. The prodigal dog is back. Panay ang rest ng loko.

  5. derdo9:35 AM

    hahaha, true love nga naman (mangy dog for your white rascal)...

    no success yet seeing the pups?

    and i love masungit, more masungit in a traffic jam. parang asawa ko lang.

  6. derdo9:38 AM

    Isa pa, kaya mabenta si Prodigal Dog sa B**tches, nakashades ba naman.


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