Sunday, June 05, 2011


The house is still a mess, as it has been for the last three and a half months, only now, most of the stuff are gone, and what's left is either utterly important that it needs to be with me when I fly or hopelessly unnecessary but being hopefully clung on. I shipped the things a few days ago---our life in ten or so boxes. I never thought packing would be this draining, physically or emotionally.

*Thanks, Phel, for the suggestion.


  1. good luck on your transfer! may the adjustment period be shorter than you expect!

  2. Hey TPS, where are you off to?

  3. don't worry... the exhaustion will wear off eventually. have fun in your new address :)

  4. KG, thanks! Sana nga.
    Sheng, Dumaguete.
    Onyxx, while I was sad about leaving Laguna, I didn't have time nor energy to wallow kasi sobrang pagod na ako. There's a wonderful grocery a few steps from home and it's helping me adjust well.

  5. i heard Dumaguete is a nice place to be in plus Silliman is known for creative writing workshops and mavens. You'll easily blend in. Hope to read stuff from/by you.

  6. OK, I get it. You like zebras. But that background image is going to give me seizures. Seriously.


  7. Lem, thanks for dropping by, however short it was. Consult a doctor for your epilepsy. Seriously.


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