Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So No Chance On Getting A Bite At That Cookie...

While asking for a sip of frapp (that I bought with MY money) from Sharkteeth...

Sharkteeth: Just a sip, ha?
TPS: Haaaaaay, when I was single without a kid and I bought something for me, it's all mine. Now...
Sharkteeth: Now those days are GONE.


  1. Haha, I love your daughter, she's so smart and wise. yes, those single days are gone.

  2. Your daughter is so funny, a wordsmith in the making (like the mom), apparently. Like the clock on your homepage.

  3. Hi, Ma'am. Talas po ng dila nyan. Hehehe. Hinahayaan ko na lang. I always tell those who ask about her age that she's seven turning on twenty-five. I got the Anna Sui clock from their website. There were two choice then, I'm not sure now.

    Hi, Sheng! Yeah, those days are gone. However, while I sometimes miss those "self-centered" days, I wouldn't trade what I have now.


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