Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plans, Planners, And Nonplans

Oh, 2011! I'm not feeling you yet. Your first few days are a series of small miseries, but no matter---I have great plans for you. Hopefully, my undiagnosed ADD wouldn't get on your way too much.  Yes, I have so many plans, yet it is rivaled by just as high a level of laziness and complacency. Anyhoo, here are a few of my plans for January. Let's see who's gonna triumph. *Team Will Power*

1. Get my freelancing website up and running.
2. Get all government paperwork and bureaucracy out of the way.
3. Finish THE project that I've been putting off since forever.
4. Finish THE OTHER project that I've been putting off since forever.
5. Sew a couple of dresses for C, who's happily infanticipating. Sana girl!

I'm hoping to change the look of this blog, but it's not really a priority. My real priority this year is to reduce weight. There, I've said it. Acceptance is the first step, I guess. Anyhoooo...

Speaking of plans, what good is a plan if there isn't a planner? Or is it the other way around? Never mind. I want to share with you something I bought for this new year!

I got it from a seller in Facebook. Lovely, right? I was hesitant at first because I don't know the seller. At all. Long story short, it's one of the few times I gambled on buying something from an online seller with no track record (i.e., Ebay feedback). It's way too expensive for my anguished wallet's taste, but the heart wants what the heart wants. And besides, it's one of my last frivolous buys this year, I hope. My mantra, resolution if you will,  this year is to steadily let go of my material desires. (Ironic, right? To buy something not quite relevant before letting go of material desires.) Can I do it? I'll try. Trying, in fact. Back to the planner. It has charming illustrations and excerpts from Anne of Green Gables. Along with the planner comes a plastic cover with slots, monthly stickers, and a passcase. My only beef is that the dates aren't printed, and my penmanship sucks---years spent learning Paulinian* writing down the drain---and I had to resort to stamping each date one by one. Yes, one by one, all 365 days twice over. And oh, the paper is thinner than I expected. But no matter, it is soooo very pretty, and for me, whose depth of shallowness knows no bounds (why, that oxymoron is simply beautiful), it's the only credential it needs. Of course, it has a calendar, separate annual, monthly, and daily planners, basic monthly finance log, and spaces for notes, grids, and lists. Oh, lovely.

*Paulinian writing: cursive writing, but a Paulinian worth her salt won't be caught dead calling it otherwise.


  1. Hi E! That's an awesome planner. I remember my bestfriend going gaga over Anne books and she'd love a planner like this!

    I hope the planner inspires you to focus on your goals this year. I too am guilty of delaying things I shoukd be doing, but it's just so darn easy to stray off the timeline when no one's looking (I don't live with my folks, that's why).

    Re: cutting down on unnecessary hauling: acknowledging your bad habit is the first step, wanting to do something about it is another good step, showing concrete plans on how you do it is a giant leap to saving truckloads of dough. most girls stop with step 2 (guilty as charged).

    and oh, i can't come to the grand dinner thing of UST's Quadriblahblah celeb. I have TONS of stuff to do and i feel bad for missing it. Are you going? Im inggit!

  2. ah, so you finally blogged about the planners. yay!

    i am going to enjoy these awesome planners vicariously (i have a couple of coffee planners that i haven't even opened yet harharhar). these planners evoke nostalgic moments...

  3. I am using a planner now, only, it's a Starbucks 2010 planner to which I have the idea of re-dating all the printed dates therein. I love it still, even if the dates do not conform to 2011, I have re-dated the planner and it works for me.

  4. christine12:58 PM

    good choice, TSP. congrats! but can you please blog about my cute planner, too?

    PS. ang planner, sinusulatan ha. hehehe.

  5. Arg, I really hope I'll be more focused this year. Procrastination is so deeply ingrained in me. Haaayy...this is an uphill battle for me. Too bad you can't go to the celebration. I'll be there just to soak in the revelry, take some pictures and mag-senti stuff.

    Onyxx, go buy na kasi! Ay, rampatology love isn't selling anymore yata this month.

    Sheng, my most favorite SB planner is the 2008 one---with soft leather cover. Come to think of it, we still have SB planners from yesteryears with no entry at all. But then, I was so infatuated with the AoGG diary that nothing else would do. How's that on cutting back on material stuff? *wry grin*

    Christine, I didn't take any pictures of yours eh. Maybe next time na magkita tayo.

  6. Like the planner. It reminds me of something in my youth...

    Don't feel guilty. Once in a while you should be kind/good to yourself. Or maybe, all the time?

  7. lovely planner! i wanna get one too. where'd you buy it pala? am a sucker for all things paper

  8. Hi Micah! I bought it online (Facebook). Search for Rampatology Love. I want to buy another as well, but last time I asked, she said that she isn't currently selling planners.


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