Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh, Darren!

I bet Onyxx was mortified when I started screaming my heart out, even louder than the girls half my age who were watching. I couldn't help it. I'm a fan, even before he became Blaine. Has anyone watched A Very Potter Musical? Please raise your hand. No one? No one at all? Oh well, he wrote some of the songs and starred as Harry. Do yourself a favor and watch it over YouTube.

As fans of A Very Potter Musical say, Darren Criss is supermegafoxyawesomehot!


  1. although you did say earlier that you'd probably end up screaming at the sight of darren criss, i didn't really think you'd actually do it hahahaha.

    even the teens who were in our vicinity were awed by your effervescence. you weren't the only one though. i saw some guys and caucasians going gaga over him, too.

    next time you go into one of these gigs, remind me to tag along with you :). it was fun.

  2. hahahaha! "Effervescence"? Now that's an understatement.
    I am always, ALWAYS starstruck pag nanonood ako ng concert. As in nadadala talaga ako. I remember watching Spandau Ballet back in 2000 yata yun, namalat ako kasisigaw.


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