Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Friday!

There's no other way to say it, but simply, it's a very beautiful day! The sun is shining bright and the weather is balmy, and staying indoors seems to be a travesty, right? This morning, I went walking with my canine friends, and I swear, the sun beams seem to add a spring on my step, and the dogs' as well, I believe.

Here's my ham of a dog. I'm renaming him Al, in honor of Al Pacino in his movie Scarface. Someone, my dog-hater of a neighbor, I believe, hacked his face. He went amiss one day, and when he got back, he had this very deep wound. I was terrified that it might become infected, but a regimen of hydrogen peroxide, povidone-iodine, antibiotic ointment, and lots of TLC kept it aseptic. He loves the camera, and obviously, the camera loves him too. I noticed lately though that he's, well, maturing. He's not as makulit as before, though he's still that dog that welcomes me effusively when I get home and, of course, he still loves belly rubs!

While TheHusband generally likes animals, he's not as crazy about them as I am and keeps Kelly, ooopss, Al, at arm's length. Al must have been so surprised (I was equally surprised) one night when TheHusband came home, with alcohol in his system and lowered defenses, and gave Al a belly rub. I think it stunned Al because he just stayed there, belly up, I guess waiting for more, even after TheHusband was already inside the house.

This is my elderly neighbor's dog, Maui, a dachshund/doberman hybrid. I like her because, at 6 months, she's still very naughty and inquisitive and is always running around. She's fun to be with and keeps me on my toes. I cannot say though that she's relaxing to be with because she's always on the go. And she keeps on bugging Al, who at first didn't seem to like her at all.

Maui is a patient dog and eventually melted all of Al's resolve to ignore her, one lick at a time.

It's a beautiful day!


  1. who's Kelly? Kelly=Al? Hmmm... help me here :D

    I like Al alot. My BF naman was the one who introduced me to the animal world. Ive had dogs and cats, a lot of them really, but I never really treated them a part of my life before I met boyfie. I liked them around but I never took them out for walks or even cared much to make sure they had water in their bowls. Dog after dog, all they were for us were a bunch of mutts to ward off akyat bahays.

    Hay, naiiyak naman ako habang nag ttype. hayyy... im so attached to my pets right now. i have 2 dogs, a cat, a hammie, a ball python and some mice (food for the snake). i love them dearly (yep, even the mice).

    i hope to see Al someday. He looks like my old dog, Puti. He's a faithful guy but we lost him to complications of heartworm years ago. They have the same color and smile.

    sigh... tunaw puso ko pag pets na pinag uusapan.

    right. it's your blog. and my whole life's in it now. :D haha, pasensya na.

  2. Al is Kelly. Because of the scar, TheHusband wants to call him Scarface. Deeming it too obvious, I call him Al instead. Must be confusing the dog though. Oh, I love dogs. Even as a child. One of my most favorite dogs died on my wedding day. :(
    You have a hamster? I miss having one. I bought one 4 years ago, but had to give it up because of my daughter's asthma. Do you have pictures of your pets? Would love to see them. Al is the sweetest. Though he can be very jealous too---we couldn't have a new pet because of that. Your comments, whatever the length, is always welcome!

  3. We have a new dog! hehehe! we named her Coke, the other pup died a month after we got him and he was named Sprite, so Coke after Sprite!

  4. I have a pets blog :) but i haven't updated it yet. :(

    binida ko nga pala yung BP ko, si Katinka, sa isang beauty blog postko. LOL. ingat na ingat nga ako kasi baka ma-stress sa pictorial nya (haha, stage nanay!)


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