Thursday, October 07, 2010

Would You Tap That?

One of my ongoing projects when I resigned from work is organizing stuff, and boy, do I have a lot of stuff! Anyway, I found this card sent by a dear, dear friend who went to visit an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Attached to the card is a note that she didn't remove the price tag, well,  for the reason you'd see shortly.

Can you see it?

Let me zoom it in.

Funny name for a place, right? Imagine the name in Filipino, like Pagniniig, Manila, or (the more vulgar version) Kant*tan, Muntinlupa...I'd be mortified to live there. But then, I can be so prudish at times. My point here? Not much. Just clueless on what to write in this beautiful Thursday morning.


  1. ...or as sheldon and his gang would probably put it, Coitus, Manila. :-)

  2. i think another blogger has made a post on kayni ata. you know her?

  3. heheh... pero talo sya dito (i kid you not):

    Dildo (Canada)
    Bastard (Norway)
    Dikshit (India)
    Fukum (Yemen)
    Turdo (Romania)
    Frog Suck (Wyoming)
    and its twin city Toadsuck (Arkansas)

    at meron din dito sa 'pinas (Sexmoan -- can you imagine)


  4. Thank goodness I live in Laguna. Ang tagal ko nang di nakanood ng Big Bang. Thanks, Eks, for reminding me. KG, I like Kayni's pics. Lovely places. Parang iisa ang wavelength nyo. Onyxx, saan ba yang Sexmoan na yan? I heard about it a dozen times, pero the closest I can find is Sasmuan.

  5. @TPS, sexmoan is the original name of sasmuan. mula sa aking probinsya. :-)

  6. sorry, hindi pala siya original name. sasmuan pala talaga original name, then, the friars mispronounced it, then, i guess nung umalis na sina damaso, bumalik na sa original na sasmuan.

    merci beaucoup, wiki. :-)

  7. eks, Srsly?

  8. Ah, okay. Ma-L talaga yang mga friars na yan.

  9. kg, si kayni nga yung nagvisit sa town na yun.

    onyxx, ang dami mo naman alam na ganyan town names. hehe.

    TPS, nood ka na ulit ng big bang! =)


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