Monday, February 23, 2009

Sickness, Sickness, And A Whole Lot of Sick

Daughter dear is recovering from a bout of stomach flu and I'm currently on health watch so strict I had to abruptly say goodbye to all food glorious and artery clogging. There. That's my reason for the very quiet blog. Yesterday, Sharkteeth woke up after her afternoon nap complaning of stomach cramps. After an hour or so, she started vomiting all over the place, which kinda relieved the stomach pain. But it got so bad that she threw up almost after she ingested anything, so food one minute, sick the next; water one minute, bile-looking fluid the next. She threw up so much that she got terrified, and I feared that she'd she'd stop taking in fluids. Good thing she didn't. By 2 pm, the vomiting abated and I dozed off, leaving TheHusband to watch over stinky Sharkteeth. I didn't even notice that Sharkteeth twice went to the toilet to make "no. 2," which banished those damned viruses for good, thank you very much. It was heartbreaking to see her in pain, and I'm so glad she's okay now.
And no, I won't even go into mine. You don't want a sob story of a through-and-through "meatatarian," "chocolatarian," "coffeetarian," and all-around sloth turning her back on all the food she loves and hauling off her ass to exercise. Sob. Sob.

I don't want to leave you feeling down, so let me leave you with an example of the fantastic training (read: brainwashing) I did on Sharkteeth.
Sharkteeth: Mymy, pwedeng story-han mo ako? [Mymy, could you tell me a story?]
Mymy: Sure, but say the magic word. [Thinking please.]
Sharkteeth: [brows knitting, thinking deeply] Uhm, sexy Mymy*?

See, great training, right? Right?

*Yes, this phrase needs not only italicization but also boldface for emphasis. Deal with it.


  1. i hope sam gets better real soon. just thinking about all the stuff she's missing can make you groan in sympathy :)

  2. Oh, why does everybody seem to be bitten off by the flu? I hope Sharkteeth is fine now...

  3. Two weeks ago, I had stomach problems and a slight fever for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday). Viral nga daw. RJ was frantic, didn't even get some shut eye worrying. But all is good now. I think it's the weather, the heat, I mean.

  4. sooo funny about the sexy mymy! great training! better teach wendy that!

    recovering from sickness myself, i'm really glad sharkteeth is fine!

    btw, I have a new site! Please do visit me there: :)

  5. I love the magic word/password! Hope she feels better soon.

  6. i hope she's in good condition now! nakaka-awa talaga kapag kids ang may sakit. :)

    tsaka nice training! hehe.

  7. Hope she's feeling much better now.
    Nice training by the way :)

    Happy Weekend!

  8. sorry to hear about what your daughter had to go through. Hope she's doing better now.
    Good that you trained her at a young age, they absorb it much faster. I tried that on Garandee once and I just got the "stare". :D

  9. hi, tps!

    kaya pala tahimik blog mo ngayon. hi, sharkteeth!

  10. Thanks everybody. It was actually a short episode. She had it before and is better equipped to fight the virus this time.
    About the "training," well, it's better to teach kids while still impressionable. Haha!


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