Sunday, January 04, 2009

View From My Window

I worked early this morning, and 'twas one of the few times I pulled the shades up, and the view was breathtaking. Makes me wish I'm a work-at-home mom. Careful what we wish for.


  1. how can you write a so cool blog,i am watting your new post in the future!

  2. Yeah right! Be careful what you wish for, teehee!

  3. work-at-home mom... ayaw mo? saya siguro nun! afterall, thehusband has a work with a regular, lucrative work naman e, so, even if irregular ang dating ng work at home, andiyan siya. :-)

    at baka mas malaki a ang maging income mo sa mga usual na full-time office job?!

    gandang umaga, TPS! ay hello kay thehusband at sam!

  4. I'm worried that I might turn into a slob or [more] antisocial if I stay at home. Besides, the most stimulating conversation I'd get daily is with Sharkteeth...eeekkkk.

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