Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

Cerebellarly challenged that I am, I suggested ice skating to TheHusband and Sharkteeth. Brave, right? Not! More like stupid. I was like a penguin waddling about, no surprise there. My biggest fear is to fall...not really because of the humiliation, but the wee bit chance that somebody might skate over my hands and cut my fingers. I mean, how would I manage the keyboard then? Well, I managed not to fall; of course, how can I fall when a sprained tortoise can move faster. Twice they let some "snow" fall, and it was stopped even before I was halfway through. Sharkteeth, who was so excited and all agog, thoroughly enjoyed it and was utterly sullen when we had to leave. But the real revelation here is TheHusband! I've always thought that he has the two complementary right feet to my two left ones, but a few minutes after getting in the rink, he was gliding! After years of marriage, it never occurred to me that there are still a few things I don't know about him (and I don't think he does either), and it's fun to know that despite my presumption about his two right feet, apparently, he has the normal left and right. Now, whatever shall I do with my extra left?


  1. TPS, did you enjoy skating? I love it, although i'm not good at it. hehe. :)

  2. I spent most of the time laughing and screaming, but I also laugh and scream when I'm manic, so I really couldn't tell. Sharkteeth wants another go, and I'd do it in a heartbeat.


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