Saturday, July 12, 2008

Product Review: Pond's Age Miracle

There you go, I admit defeat! Well, not defeat really, just acceptance of the fact that my skin, among other things, needs help. What I really need is a fairy godmother, but after giving me my happy ending (and TheHusband's tragedy! har de har har!), she's a bit hard to find these days. Probably screwing some elf or dwarf or centaur or all of them at once. Oh, oh, back to my problem skin. I was lurking around the Web and went to a local beauty blog, and I saw that there's a Pond's promo going on. I redeemed my 7-day trial kit yesterday in Landmark [tangent: they have some nice knit blouses there, but their bags are fugly, fugly, fugly!] and started last night. The kit contains a 10-mL tube of the Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream with SPF15 PA++ and a 100-peso discount voucher (if you want to purchase the full size). It's packaged well, albeit a bit wasteful of paper. Anyway, I'll let you know in 7 days if this is the answer to my problem skin. *crosses fingers*

You might want to get one for yourself. Just text 7days to 2966.

Note: This is not a paid advertisement.


  1. Pa ponds-ponds ka pa! Sabi sayo bilhin mo na face will do much more than that (ask mo Tim)!
    Well...let's wait for September! :) he! he!

  2. Isa-suggest ko sana si Grace (grabe mag-sales talk!), nakapag-comment na pala! He he.

  3. Susme, no contest. Pond's = free; Nu-Skin = uber-expensive. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan? Hehehehe!
    Actually, may promise na ako kay KG. Bumili ka din ba, Zar?

  4. Let's do the math again:
    Ponds = free = [very] minimal effect (if any!)
    NuSkin = only slightly expensive = GREAT effects (worth the peso!)

    O san kapa? He! he!

    (I hope zarine won't get mad if I answer the question for her...yes, she's one of the believers! :) )

  5. KG, I believe naman sa Nu-Skin eh. Sus, I wouldn't have signed up dati sa kanila kung hindi. Kaso I don't believe na may pera ako ngayon. Hehehehe.

  6. TPS, di pa ko bayad ke grace, he he. Pagtataguan ko na lang siya sa end of the month.

    Kg, joke lang. :) I believe naman nga. Have to choose the specific product nga lang. I bought some Celeteque and Cetaphil products (more endorsements? He he) as substitutes para dun sa iba. :)


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