Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh, No! Not Showbiz, Please!

Sharkteeth: Aaaaaaargh! Aaaaaaargh! Aaaaaaargh! [LOUD PIERCING SHRIEKS COMING FROM THE BEDROOM]
ThePseudoshrink: Why? Why? What happened? Sharkteeth, are you okay? (Me shrieking back, almost stumbling going to the room.)
[hmmm...dark and quiet inside.]
Sharkteeth: BULAGA!!! Hahaha! Gulat si MyMy! Hahaha!
ThePseudoshrink: [slightly unnerved] Were you crying just a moment ago?
Sharkteeth: Oo, emote lang.


  1. Anonymous12:48 AM

    heheh... galing ni sam. con artist extraordinaire. mommy pa nya unang naloko -- onyxx

  2. Yah. Hopefully, this is not her only talent.


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