Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hapdi, Sakit, At Pait

Health-related kwento uli. I-kwento ko na lang sa inyo nung magka-UTI ako. Hahahaha! Sorry, TMI, pero I promise, may lesson kayong matututunan...

Before I tell you about it, uunahan ko na kayo, I know that there are soooo many people suffering from horrible, painful, incurable, and/or terminal diseases, but pain is a personal experience and I can only relate mine based on how I felt. If you feel na medyo OA, and I think I was a bit OA naman talaga about it, sorry na. #Defensive

Before we left last year for a brief rest and recreation sa Cebu nung long All Saints' Day weekend, my peeing felt off. I was out the whole day and barely peed, but when I got home and peed,  parang sobrang konti ng urine volume. I always drink a lot of water, kaya I always pee a lot; hence, I was a bit bothered nung konti lang. Pagdating ng gabi may slight pain sa may terminal phase of voiding and my pee was cloudy. The next day, I couldn't wait for the HMO coordinator to approve my laboratory test and just purchased a stick test. It was positive. When I went to the doctor for a checkup, she confirmed na UTI/cystitis nga daw. I asked if there are other treatments I can do that do not involve antibiotics, and she prescribed me with some sort of antibacterial wash and told me to have a hot sitz bath twice a day. She told me to return if the pain intensifies.

Eh heto, gora pa rin kami sa Cebu. Big mistake. Hirap na hirap ako sa ship because of the weird positioning of the toilet bowl, plus sabay ang period with the UTI. Tapos medyo may slight fever na ako. I took paracetamol and had sitz bath twice a day. They helped naman, but I didn't get the relief I was hoping for. In fairness, despite the pain, I was still able to shop a bit. Hehehe. However, I wasn't having a grand time. We booked pa naman sa Waterfront kasi we love their buffet breakfast, but I didn't have much appetite. I tried going to the hotel's in-house doctor, but he/she wasn't there because it was a holiday. Most clinics were closed as well, and my only option was to go to the ER. I chose not to because I can't leave my HMO card with them (as is the practice). A medical intern I know gave me the name of the medication I should take, but she wasn't a licensed doctor yet that time and  the pharmacy wouldn't dispense it. So I had to grin (more like grimace) and bear it. Dinaan ko na lang sa paracetamol ang lagnat.

On our way back to Dumaguete, my fever wasn't abating anymore, and I was having intense headache and chills. Hindi na ako nag-inarte and off we went to the ER. The doctor said that I was already very close to developing nephritis. She prescribed me with an antibiotic, which, while very effective, was like a Dementor attack.

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I became so lethargic and depressed, my appetite just up and vanished (lost so much weight), as in wala akong kagana-gana for anything, I was like a hollow shell - I barely left the bedroom for a week! Even when I finished the 7-day course of the medicine, it took me a while to be back to my old self. The experience sure gave me a great lesson -- na huwag balewalain ang symptoms just because I feel na UTI "lang." Saka, ano, wash from front to back. Hahahahaha!

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