Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bye, My Dear Bacon

Lady Ham Sandwich "Bacon" Kensington
June 2014 to June 2016

Last Monday, we said our last goodbye to our dear hamster, Bacon. Less than 4 months ago, she got hurt in a scuffle with a rat and broke her forelimb. We brought her to the vet, who was not very optimistic. I didn't think she'd survive. But she did. With vitamins and TLC, she did. She regained her strength and the use of her forelimb. Even with a broken forelimb, she never missed running in her wheel. We had to remove it for a time to let her heal. But a month ago, I noticed a general decline in her health. She wasn't as active as before. She wasn't trying to stage a prison break. She developed holes on her earlobes. Her breathing was labored. She didn't stuff her cheeks as much. Her neck became pronounced. But she still loved chocolates and sunflower seeds. And her multivitamins. How she loved her multivitamins...she would stuff the vitamin's syringe in her pouch if I would let her. After a couple of weeks, she seemed to have regained a bit of her strength and I held on to hope that she'd last a bit longer. But last Sunday, I knew she was slowly fading away. I gave her all her favorite food and said goodbye. Come Monday morning, she wasn't breathing anymore when I checked on her. Sharkteeth and I wrapped her in a piece of fabric and buried her in a box with applewood shavings, chocolate, sunflower seeds, and a piece of wood -- all her favorite things, well, except for her beloved running wheel.

Rest in peace, Lady Ham Sandwich "Bacon" Kensington. Love you to bits.


  1. May her soul rest in peace. She lived a good life under your care. She was one lucky hamster.

    P.S. Natuwa ako sa complete name nya, pangroyalty! :)

  2. Condolence, i'm sorry about Bacon.
    Ang taray ng name ha.

  3. Anonymous11:10 PM

    So long, Bacon. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen.

  4. Thank you all!


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