Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tempering My Temper

I was buying a few stuff for the home. Seeing a shorter line in another cashier, I made a beeline for it. I immediately regretted my decision because she moves ever so slowly. I thought, "meh, the one ahead of me is just paying for two umbrellas. How long would it take?" VERY LONG, apparently. My face fell a little when the cashier line I was supposed to queue in in the first place cleared up, and when I was about to transfer, two other customers beat me to it. So I stuck on my line, after all, the umbrellas ahead of me were already rang and paid for. Did you think the cashier proceeded to ring up my purchase? NO! She looked around languidly, seemingly unaware of my impatience. Then she looked at me and said, "Ma'am, lipat na lang kayo sa kabilang cashier kasi babalutin pa yung umbrella." That's when I lost it. I really did. "ANO?! PALILIPATIN MO AKO?! NGAYON?!!! AFTER I WAITED FOR YOU NA MA-PROCESS ANG DALAWANG UMBRELLAS, WHICH TOOK YOU A VERY  LOOOONG TIME? BAKIT, IKAW BA MAG-PA-PACK NYAN? MAY PACKER DYAN DIBA? RING MY PURCHASE AT AKO NA MAG-PA-PACK NG PURCHASES KO." My voice is naturally loud and high-pitched without any trace of lambing; combine that with my [natural] bitchface and you now have an unpinned grenade in your hand. The cashier must have sensed my irritation (to say the least) and immediately rang my purchases. It was over in a few seconds. May ibibilis pa naman pala ang kilos ng cashier na eto, kailangan lang ng konting, ehem, "prodding."

Related thought: I should do something with my temper. Ironically, for someone with an explosive temper, I am surprisingly very patient. As in napakahaba ng pisi ko. Napakahaba. But give me inefficient, illogical, or plainly stupid service, I really crack. I remember getting terrible customer support from Unionbank a few years back, and in my fit of anger, I castigated the agent with so much vehemence that my daughter said that it was like I was breathing fire into the phone. In fairness, in a matter of minutes, naayos nila yung problema. Which again brings up the point, magagawa naman pala ng mabilis, bakit kailangan pang i-prod. Next time, cattle prod gagamitin ko eh. Makita nila. Hmmmppp.


  1. gosh! i can totally relate! minsan kasi may mga tao na walang pake sa iba if naabala na nila. palibhasa gawin nila at hinde ng maayos work nila, susweldo sila. naku, don't get me started with our government employees. tsk tsk tsk!

    1. Totoo yan. Some people just don't have any regard for other people's time. Ako pa naman, as a freelance editor, I equate time with money, and any lost time for me is money lost.

  2. What was her reason for asking you to transfer? She tthave told you when you were waiting and not when it was your turn. Tsk, tsk, tsk. What's a cattle prod? Sounds ominous.

  3. Kasi daw ipa-pack pa yung umbrella. Eh hindi naman sya ang packer. May packer naman dun sa counter. She was so inconsiderate. I wanted to complain sana sa supervisor kaso uminit na ang ulo ko and I might become unreasonable.
    Cattle prods, yung ginagamit ng sheperd para ma-herd ang cattle. Usually electrified, so magmamadali yung cattle para makaiwas sa electric shock. Precursor daw eto ng stun gun (sabi sa wiki).


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